How to Get Better at Madden 23 (2024)

Formation and runs are crucial to breaking through the line of defense. As you pick where to place your players and when to time your throws, Madden 23 is as much a strategy game as it is a sports game. With many aspects of the game to pay attention to, such as utilizing specific abilities at the right time or learning what run patterns are best to use to gain yards, there is a lot to master in Madden NFL 23. Whether you are new at the game or finding that you are not improving as the matches go on, this guide will offer the best tips on how to improve at Madden 23.

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How to Improve on Madden 23: Tips and Tricks

Tips to Gaining Yards

Do not sprint the entire time that you have the ball. The reason for this is that if you sprint the entire time, the opposition will likely tackle you after you run out of stamina. You will want to sprint after you get pass 10-20 yards. You should time this when you are clear to run where no one is nearby to tackle you. Giving you a good 3 seconds to get some distance in. Timing this perfectly can give you a run where you move across 20-30 yards or even hit a touchdown.

Use the left trigger ability to plant your feet, allowing you to quickly switch directions. Giving you acceleration and confusing the opposition. You want to time this when you see a gap in your line of defense, giving you a moment for no one to tackle you. By using the cutback move, you can get through gaps you would not typically be able to without using the left trigger. This button could also be used when you are running from defenders to achieve a touchdown. You will want to time this when they are on the verge of tackling you. By doing this, the defender will miss and run past you. As you are mid-sprint whilst pressing the cutback button, you will resume your sprint and keep your speed.

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Remember to time your slides well. This works for the Quarterbacks making a run. You need to use the ‘X’ or ‘Square’ button to execute a slide. This will protect you from tackles and reward you with the furthest distance possible in that play.

Break the Defensive Line Using Different Runs

Utilize the Zig Run option in the game. Some Receivers will have this implemented naturally in their run, however, you can manually ask for your Receiver to use this run pattern. To do this, press ‘Y’ or ‘Triangle’ to open the players route plan. Select the Zip option using the right analog stick (point left) after highlighting which Receiver you want to make that run, by selecting their corresponding button. Use both Vertical and Drag runs to confuse the defense. Base this off what defense they are using to cover your players. Getting off a well-executed Vertical run is crucial however do not neglect the Drag run. Although you will not get as far as a Vertical run, it is a useful move to utilize that can change the outcome of the game.

Use the Double Team function. This is done by pressing the left trigger which will bring up the Pass Protection tab. Press down on the right analog stick to bring up the Double Team function. Here you can select the player you want two of your defense to cover. This helps strengthen your line of defense, giving you more time to get the ball over 10 yards.

Prioritize Formations and Abilities

When choosing which Playbook to use, players will decide based on their play style. When defending, players should use the 4-3 Even 6-1 Sam Will Blitz formation. During play, pull down on the right analog stick to appropriately defend. Make sure that you are covering the opposition that is not marked, that way they will struggle to gain yards.

The final tip is for you to pay attention to what abilities are better than others in Madden 23. These are Gunslinger and Pass Lead Elite for Quarterbacks, Bruiser and Arm Bar for Running Backs, Route Technician for Receivers, Edge Threat for Linebackers, and finally, for Secondary positions (Cornerback, Free Safety and Strong Safety), you want Pick Artist or Acrobat. By selecting the best abilities, you will have a stronger team where you can focus on your plays rather than your players’ specific talents on the field.

Those are our tips on how to improve at Madden 23. For more Madden guides, we have How to Enter the Zone in Madden 23 and Madden 23 – How to Fix Interceptions. You can follow us on our Facebook page if you are interested in staying up to date on all of the latest gaming guides provided by the Gamer Journalist staff.

How to Get Better at Madden 23 (2024)
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