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Skara: voice breaking “YES!”

Viney, overjoyed, laughs breathlessly in astonishment and lets tears of joy fall from her eyes before bear hugging her… her fiancée, baby! Skara exclaims in surprise as she was hoisted up before giggling and returned the embrace. After putting her down, she finally noticed the bundle of tiny and very valuable red orbs in the palm of Skara’s hand.

Viney: taken aback, eyes gleaming in surprise “Are-Are those…”

Skara: “Blood pearls. They were my mom’s.” looks at the pearls longingly “My dad gave these to me when I turned 18 at her request. Said I’d know what to do with them. I never understood what she meant…” gently grabs Viney’s right wrist and slips the pearls over them “Until now.”

Viney admittedly felt nervous taking these. Not because she was getting cold feet, but because blood pearls are one of the most valuable and coveted rarities in all of the Isles.

According to her aquatic life books and what she learned during her time at Hexside, Clamvagers were ferocious predators. Like piranhas in the human world, they attack in beds (groups of clams) and each one has razor sharp teeth like a bear trap demon. Just a pack of clamvagers can eviscerate a small kraken in moments. The blood of their prey crystallizes over time inside them and that’s how they produce blood pearls.

So the fact that these were bestowed upon her as part of the Isles’ engagement customs made her wrist feel heavy and made her think she had to keep them from getting the slightest scratch. These things were more valuable than even Selkigris from a Selkidomus after all.

Viney: “Holy shi…” takes a deep breath to calm her nerves before clenching her right fist with resolve “I’ll take good care of them.” remembers the harp in her left hand and holds it out to Skara in both hands “And I know you’ll take good care of this, melody.”

Skara’s eyes gleamed with tears as her smile quivered at the sight of the engagement harp. She reached out took it gently in her hands. She studied the gem and mini golden griffon effigy. And what was engraved on it… it… it…

Skara: voice breaking “Meep.”

Viney saw that Skara looked right fit to emotionally explode, her eyes looked like they were about to pop with tears. Okay now she was trembling a little. Viney had to turn Skara’s water main before the bard bursted like a pipe.

Viney: chuckles “Bring it on-“


Viney: while giving her crying Skara a tender hug “That’s it, let it out.” lets some tears of her own fall from her eyes as she smiles softly “All things considered… I’m glad you hit me with that kraken water balloon.”

The big hearted Bard bawled (try saying that three times fast) louder at that into Viney’s shoulder as they hug. She even started blubbering incoherently for five more minutes until she managed to finally calm down. She sniffled and pulled away, Viney’s clothed shoulder just about drenched in tears and she thinks a little saliva before looking at the harp again.

Viney: “Go on. Give it a whirl.”

Skara held her engagement harp close and closed her eyes while exhaling softly through her nose, the fingers of her other hand reaching for the strings. She’s only used her normal harp for all her life, even when she was a little kid. It was a birthday gift from her mom before she passed. Saying her songbird would grow into it. Let’s see how this one perform.

She began playing a gentle tune on it and… well it sounded… it played like the most expensive and finely crafted harps in all of the Isles. It was lightweight yet durable. It sounds better than her own harp. A mixture of red and gold streams of light began to flow around them and the stage they were on. They mixed with the blue lights of the spotlight berries. The musical foliage gently swayed back and forth as Skara played. The bard was rather into the melody now. She was in the zone.

Viney smiled as she watched her fiancée play, moved by the song too. The to of them felt like they were in their own universe. Then finally with a couple of high notes and one final set of strums, the song concluded. Skara gave a gentle sigh before she opened her eyes, her pupils now bigger and gleamy with wonder as she gazed upon the harp like it was a gift from the Titan himself.

Skara: gently, with wonder “Wow… just, wow…”

Viney: hopeful “You like?”

Skara: “I love…”

They both begin to move into each other for another passionate kiss. Unfortunately, it was interrupted by pain Viney’s wrist that made her wince. Viney rolled up her sleeve to see Willow’s watch imp was nibbling her wrist. She saw the time and remembered something.

Viney: “Oh sh*t!” boops the imp in the eye to stop the biting “It’s like 10:00. We’re suppose to meet the girls at the Dragon Eye 10:20.”

Skara: gasps “Oh right!” looks back down at her harp and squeals “The girls are gonna go nuts when they hear the news!”

Viney: laughs “Luz especially. Also…”

Skara: “You know…”

Skiney: “I gotta thank Willow for telling that story earlier.” looks at each other with inquisitive expressions “Wait, what?”

Viney: shakes her head “Oh… we’ll talk about that on the way there.”

Skara: “You’re right.” hugs her harp “Besides, I can’t wait to tell the others!”

Percy and Linus, who were exuberant for their owners, got the cue and hurried over to them as they both stepped off the stage. As spotlight berries turned off, Skara plays the same tune she played when the now engaged couple and their palismen got to this spot, making every musical flora and the stage glowed red before going invisible again, as if it was never there. As they both began to take their leave and go back the way they came, Skara started talking.

Skara: “OMT I gotta call my dad! I gotta start planning our wedding day! We gotta get your parent’s approval! I know that’s rather cliché, but I want this wedding to be great and for everyone to be there! I gotta make some calls, setup a date for when we get married (wait now I’m repeating myself), figure out who will be my maiden of honor…”

Viney was listening to Skara until they got back outside the forest. While Skara went on as she played another tune to move the shrubs and mask the path, Viney gaze shifted back to that abandoned looking house she saw when they got here. It looked rather nice. Rather large and long, Ranch style on the outside. The same could be applied to the building behind it.

Skara: while finishing up the tune, the shrubs moving in place as she continues while “…can have some doves from the human world imported since the ones here breath fire and-“ notices Viney wasn’t paying attention “Hey!” shrill whistle

Viney: “Ah!” rubs her ear and looks to Skara “S-Sorry, I was just wondering…” looks back to the house “What that house over there is.”

Skara: follows Viney’s gaze “Oh, that old place? It was the home of a Beast Keeper and Plant magic user way back before Belos came into power. It had a rich and rustic aura to it on the inside, there’s suppose to be a wide and spacious clearing near it, and the building behind the house?” while pointing to it "I heard it’s suppose to be a massive stable.”

Viney: “How do you know all of this?”

Skara: “My Dad’s head maid and chef told me about this place and the spot we were just in months back.”

Viney: “So it’s been abandoned?”

Skara: “For a hundreds of years. It could probably take construction magic users a couple of years just to fix it.”

Viney looked back at the house. “Hmm…” she thought. “Ranch style with a massive stable, near a massive clearing and our private sanctuary, and pretty good commute to Bonesborough with record time flight?”

Sounds like a good place to live.

Viney: “A couple of years, huh?”

Skara: “Give or take a month or two.”

They both along with their palismen, who were on their respective owner’s shoulders, Skara glanceing up at Viney for a minute before looking at the house. Then the bard felt a strong arm around her shoulder pull her close to her fiancée, who smiled. She looked at Viney inquisitively.

Viney: “I think I’m good for it.”

Luz: with a silly lofty voiceCasi… hecho…

Luz was currently wringing out her leggings while Stringbean, still a bucket, had extended her tail from her body and shapeshifts it to resemble a sponge to get the goo on her face and hair off. Boscha was checking pensta, Vee was playing with Ghost, who was poking out of Luz’s bag, Cat was twiddling her thumbs patiently, and Willow stood next to a narrowed hipped and flustered full crimson headed tomato blushing Amity Blight, who was still keeping her dress and panties from falling down. She was still trying to avert her from the near naked Latina she loves sitting on the ground in dark purple and golden yellow bra and panties, and her… tone stomach and her… her budding abs… and the fact that her knees were bent together and almost close to her so stomach was all scrunched up and her abs were promine-.

Willow: while drawing a green spell circle “Okay your nose is bleeding again.”

As blood was beginning to trickle down each of Amity’s nostrils and threatened to turn into jets of crimson, Willow summoned a small beanstalk with leaves as soft as tissues from the ground. She plucked a leaf off and clamped it over Amity’s nose before guiding head down.

Willow: “Breath through your mouth.”

Boscha: looks up from her scroll “That’s the third time now in the last ten minutes.” to Luz “Luz, could you hurry up before you give your fiancée anemia?”

Luz: looks to Boscha while wringing her leggings out still “Just a few more wrings.” to Amity in an over the top heroic knight voice “Do not worry, hermosa! Your champion will see to this challenge completed posthaste!”

Amity said nothing, too focused on breathing through her mouth. Boscha rolled her eyes with a huff before looking back down at her scroll until she felt a hand grab her other one. She looked back to see Cat had grabbed her hand in her own, a smile on her face. It made Boscha blush a pink lighter colored than her skin. Damn, Cat looked like she sparkled every time she smiled.

Cat: “Since when did you know about anemia?”

Boscha: blushes a little more and looks away and back to her scroll bashfully but tries to keep her attitude up with a mumble “W-Well it’s… it’s not like I never pay attention to what you talk about.

Cat: perks up with a remembrance, growing more touched “What I learned in healer class at Hexside. The blood related topics. You listened to them all?”

Boscha: says nothing for a moment but eventually gives a soft grunt in affirmation as she blushed more

Cat: “Awww… What else have you learned from hearing me talk?”

Boscha: “W-W-Well-“

Luz: “HUZZAH!”

Everyone, except Amity as Willow was still keeping her head down, looked to Luz. She had released her leggings and had just finished twisting Stringbean’s bulb tail, which was currently an abomination goo soaked sponge, and releasing the mud into her bucket form. When all the goo was drained, Luz hopped to her feet triumphantly with her hands in her hips.

Luz: “That’s the last of the mud! The human has done it!” holds Stringbean’s bucket form over her head like it was a trophy

Willow: “That’s great Luz, but…”

Boscha: “You might wanna put your clothes back on before Amity melts again.”

Luz’s celebratory smile dropped as she quickly remembered she was currently almost in-the-buff. She looked down and blushed red as she also recalled her inhibitions. Upon squeaking, she started stumbling with her power-noodle turned bucket. The embarrassed light-filled human blabbered incoherently as she tried to keep her upright but almost dropped her until Stringbean’s bucket form floated out of her hands and back down to the ground.

Luz: “Phew.”

She looks back down and squeaks in embarrassment again before quickly grabbing her dress and slipping it back on. She pulls up her leggings and puts her shoes on before dusting off her dress, her attire free from any abomination mud.

Luz: slightly sheepishly “O-Okay, the champion re-dawned my armor. You can look now.”

Willow allows Amity to look up as she removed the leaf from her nose, the bleeding stopped me her tomato blush had gone down. Luz grabbed Stringbean’s floating bucket form and knelt down, presenting it like it was a divine gift as Amity approached her.

Luz: knight-like over the top voice “For you… my cotton candy haired goddess.”

Amity: snickers, Luz’s thoughtful silliness always capable of lifting her spirits “Thank you, my champion. You performed admirably.”

Vee: “So… Amity? How does this work? How are you going to… you know?”

Instead of answering, Amity uses her left hand to hold up her dress and panties while drawing a pink spell circle with her right. She slipped the circle over her wrist and started reaching out for the bucket. Or rather, reaching into the bucket.

She dunked her arm into the goo and everyone waiting for moments for something to happen. Then something did happen. Everyone started hearing the sound of water draining. Luz lifted her head up after looking down as part of the presentation she was doing and saw the mud in the pail receding. She looked up a little more before blushing pink and looking back down with a goofy smile. Amity’s current angle left the cleavage of her bust at a… favorable viewing angle.

The sound stopped as all the mud in the bucket was drained, leaving Amity’s arm the only thing in it. As she took it back, everyone saw she looked relatively unchanged. Her hips were still narrowed and her butt was still flattened.

Amity: “It needs circulate through my body. Give it a mo-“


Amity: seizes up with a sensual gasp, a tinting pink tomato blush on her face as she shakily exhaled and tried to calm her suddenly spiked quickened pulse “m-m-ment.” exhales sharply“Phew…”

With that sudden, surprising, and rather comical bouncing sound, Amity’s hips, thighs, and butt bloated back up to their normal bottom heavy size. Amity released her hand from her waistbands as her dress and underwear fit again. Luz, having a front row show to that was- “Oh sweet Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and Titan!” She thought, drooling as she replayed that scene in her head. The way how Amity just plumped back up like that and so suddenly and jiggled and wobbled like a gelatin mold when it did was… was

Luz: quietly whispering, eyes shut tight and blushing “Hnnnngh… that was so flippin’ hot!” But she quickly shook her head, blubbering a little as she came back to her senses

Amity: sighs in relief “That’s better… I think. Hmm…”

Amity certainly felt like herself again and at her normal weight. But just to double check and tease Luz as a little reward after barely hearing that horny sound Luz just made, Amity placed her hands on her hips and ran them up and down before swaying them in place expertly a little. Hips back to their original width: ✔️. She reached down and reached through the gap in the side of her dress at the middle of her thigh and gave a feel and squeeze. Thighs fattened and muscled back to normal:✔️.

Now for the true test.

Amity turned so her left side was facing Luz and did a few short hops-

Luz: squeaks as her pink blush returned with more intense interest as she whispered with a rigid mouthSanta Maria de Guadalupe.

The rhythmic jiggles and bounces of Amity’s bust and butt (especially the latter) with every hop were also recorded in Luz’s mind but in slow motion as she watched the display with salacious wonder… EEP! Amity was staring at her with a sultry smile! Sweet Eda, she’s gotten bold! And around the others too?! Luz! Must! Not! Let! Hand! Drift! Down! Between! Her! L-LE-

Boscha: “ALRIGHT, BLIGHT! YOU GOT YOUR fat*ss BACK, WE GET IT ALREADY! Save the show for when you and Luz are alone together and can give her the face-sitting upgrade course from having the abomi-mud that was your ass on her face! Some of us are getting a little uncomfortable!”

Amity and Luz jumped up at Boscha’s brazen shout. That’s when Amity remembered the others were there and she wanted to wait till she and Luz got married to go to… tier 15, so she stopped while Luz hopped to her feet. Cat rolled her eyes with a smile at Boscha’s choice of words.

Willow: sarcastically with a sassy grin “Classy as ever, Boscha.”

Amity: high pitched voice from being so flustered “You-“ clears her throat before talking in her normal tone and wry teasing smile “You know jealousy is such an ugly emotion, Boscha.”

Boscha: rolls her eyes as she holds up her scroll “Pfft! After what I just saw and recorded, what have I got to be jealous about?” pauses for a moment before her arrogant smirk drops into a frown when she looked back to Amity, feeling caught as she realized her mistake in saying with before mumbling “Oh sh*t.”

Amity remembered that Boscha recorded the whole thing… everything. Her eyes glowed threateningly, like she was a panther amongst the dark of night, as she glared at the triclops with a scary calm apathetic-ness to her.

Amity: low threatening voice “Delete that… NOW.”

Boscha: growing nervous as she moved her scroll behind her back “C-Can’t I keep it for posterior-ity?blinks a few times before visibly cringing in disgust at her own bad joke, sticking out her tongue “BLEH! UGH, I can’t believe I just said that.” notices Amity’s beginning to advance and holds her a hand up defensively, beginning to break out into a nervous sweat “I-I’m not gonna post in on pensta, I swear to Titan! Y-You know you can trust me… right?”

Amity stopped and her glare softened a little when she remembered how she said she trusts Boscha back at the Titan’s Slice earlier. But before she could counter that, she felt Luz’s hand on her shoulder. She saw the smile on her better half’s face that said “we can trust her.” It made Amity calm down as she remembered about the honor Boscha has even back when she was a bully all things considered. As in honoring agreements of course. Amity sighed with a frown and crossed her arms with a huff.

Amity: “Fine… but I better not see it on pensta… and send it me later.”

“Once the aPhones are mass produced,” Amity thought as she hid a goofy smile and slight blush, “I’ll be able to send it to Luz and she can enjoy the show.”

Boscha: relaxes “Deal. Believe me, someday we’re all gonna look back on this and laugh. Just give it time.”

Time… time…

Willow: remembers something and summons her scroll and looks at the clock on it, her eyes going wide in alarm “Oh thorns, look at the time! It’s 10:10! We gotta meet Skara and Viney and the Dragon Eye!

Amity: remembers “Oh right! We gotta go!”

Everyone unanimously agreed until Luz remembered the loop-de-loop! It was still there… and it was beckoning her. Before everyone could hurry, Amity noticed Luz’s distracted face and followed her gaze. When she saw what her wife-to-be was looking at, she knew what she was thinking. She gave her an apathetic yet sarcastic look that said “Luz… really?”

But Luz countered it powerfully by giving Amity her otter pup eyes with pleading whines and a smile. One of Amity’s known weaknesses.

Amity: sighs in defeat with a slight smile“Oh alright, one run.”

Luz squealed and planted a big kiss on Amity’s lips before looking back to that loop-de-loop path, everyone else taking notice. Pumping herself up with some hops and short breaths, she got into a running stance and took off spring offscreen. The others watched her as the sounds of Luz shoes tapping against the ground before they heard her scream for a few seconds before falling with a thud. Everyone could see her legging covered legs poking out.

Luz: “I’m okay!”

Amity giggles with a slight eye roll, expecting that to happen as she went to go help Luz up. Willow and Vee mimicked the same expression as they al thought “classic Luz” while Boscha just laughed.

Luz: rubbing her aching head as Amity helped her up “If I was running from a werewolf, I might’ve been able to pull that off.” with determination as she took one step on a large rock, fist pumped up “Somehow, someday, in someway I’ll master the sonic style loop-de-loop!”

Everyone else but Boscha couldn’t help but applaud at Luz’s determination, even though Cat had no idea what she was talking about. Cat looked confused as well as amused.

Cat: “Uh… werewolves?”

Luz: lowers her fist and looks to Cat “Yeah… werewolves are very very very tenacious. I got chased by one when I was 14 and still naive. Took me three hours to lose it. But at least I mastered track-and-field, swimming, and bicycling.”

Boscha: “Uh this is all fascinating, but shouldn’t we get going? Skara and Viney are waiting for us.”

Luz: put her foot back down on the ground, grabs Amity’s hand and hurries back to the others, grabbing her backpack as Vee held it out for her to take “Good point!” slings her convertible bag back on as Stringbean, who was back to normal, flew inside “Alright, gals! Let’s go-go-go!”

And with that, they all hurried off, the abomination and plant skateboard stuff either melting or receding away.

Cat: to Luz while running “So, what was that about a… werewolf?”

Cat trails off when she noticed how Luz was running, leaning forward with her arms out behind her fingers first. Amity would’ve joined her if they weren’t in company. Before Luz could explain the were wolf thing to Cat, they all heard the howl of direwolves from a far distance away as they ran. The full moon was out tonight. It wasn’t a werewolf howl fortunately. Luz had also discovered the difference between the howl of a wolf/direwolf and werewolf when she was 14. This talk about wolves made Boscha’s mind drift to one direwolf in particular… but then she thought “enough about my mother” and quickly shrug it off as she and the girls hurried back to Bonesborough and to the casino, the triclops wishing Vee wasn’t afraid of heights so they all could just fly there.

Back at Casa de Triclops, Ruby was still on the couch with her Stag Palisman, Oak, asleep in her lap as she looked at her scroll. She had her glasses off as her eyes were gleamy with tears. They have been as soon as she first saw that video of Boscha giving that speech. She was dabbing her eyes with a hanky as she sniffled. She must have saw that video over a dozen times so far and she still couldn’t get enough of it. Her little girl has grown so much, more than she ever imagined!

Caw! Caw! Tap tap!

Those familiar caws brought Ruby’s attention to the window, Oak grunting awake and trotting off her lap as she got up. She checked the time on her scroll and saw it’s been a little over an hour since Livia and Vex left. The lesser werewolf must not be a good tracker. She sniffled and calmed herself before getting up from the couch and walking up to the window. She opened it and grabs the crow phone outside. She saw no label or collar on it. She pressed the answer button on its body and its beak opened she held up that part of it up to her ear.

Ruby: “Hello? Jewel?”

There was a pause for a moment before Ruby heard another voice.

“Livia:” lower mock-stern voice “Hello, love. It’s me, your stuck-up stick up the arse bitchy wife who loves you but is too proud to always say it.” raising her voice, struggling to keep herself from giggling, her voice changing tones at the end “Our daughter must be strong! I’m rich and we’ll keep my siblings under my thumb for betraying me and all that all that shi-hihihihihite!” while laughing, her voice different “Ah I’m sohahaharry! I-I can’t talk like thahahahat!”

Ruby knew that voice… and she couldn’t help but giggle too.

Ruby: “Amphi?!”

A split border appeared on the screen, with Ruby and her living room in the background on the left of the divider. On the right was Amphi. She was under the boiling sea right now with some buildings behind her, some claw marks on her and her dress with some tears that were slowly closing. she had a maid outfit over her shoulder, having just got it back from that siren, hence the other wounds. Anglerlings heal rather quickly though, so she was fine. She was currently speaking into a sea horse’s mouth, buttons on its stomach.

Amphi: happy sigh “Jolly good to hear you call me a jewel, Ru-Ru.”

Ruby: giggles “You’re more like a blood pearl than a jewel, Amphi.”

Amphi: overly flattered “Oh! You’re too kind!”

Ruby: “Haha! So what has my old babysitter been up to?”

Amphi: with a smirk “Oy, now. I’m not that old. Age is only skin deep. Anywho, I’ve been great. Maid business for your wife’s mum’s old intern has been… well pretty bugger to be honest given what Mrs. McGillion’s been saying about Luz Noceda as of late, but at least I got a raise. The pay’s still good. By the way, you’ll never guys who I ran into at the night market.”

Ruby: “Luz Noceda?”

Amphi: “No- well yeah, but that’s not all.”

Ruby: chuckles with a shrug of her left shoulder “I give up.”

Amphi: “Your little Boschy. I never thought I’d run into her let alone the light of the Isles herself. Even saw the Alad’s youngest girl and the rest of Boscha’s new friends. Including her crush… not that she told me she’s her crush.”

Ruby: smiles “Leave it you to put something together in a matter of moments.”

Amphi: “I tell you, I almost didn’t think it was Boschy. You know what she did as soon as she saw me? She bloomin’ hugged me! Hugged! Not that I minded, but still. My old grumpy haughty charge I’ve and known for two years who mostly talked to me with grunts actually hugged me! Haha!”

Ruby: somewhat disbelieving, surprised “Wait, really?”

Amphi: her free hand on her hip, smiling “Really really. You know when you told me your daughter’s mellowed a little and changed like… a lot, I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t believe it. Now I do.” surprised look on her face “Hah! It still blows my mind every time I think about it!”

Ruby: thinks back to what she was just looking at and sighs with a warm smile, pride in her gleamy eyes as her voice cracked a little “Yes, she’s grown a lot…” slight chuckle “Even more than I imagine let alone thought.” sobs a little as she dabs her eyes with her hanky again

Amphi: curious concern “Ruby? You alright?”

Ruby: sniffles and takes out another hanky and blew her nose with a honk, calming down though her voice still cracked “Yes, I’m just-“

The conversation was interrupted and the split-screen vanished when Ruby heard the door knob rattle and turn, the door opening to reveal a tired Livia leaning on her staff. Her neon pink hair was disheveled, she was missing some potion vials on her bandolier, which had some empty spaces due to some bite marks, her rucksack looked half empty, and her armored attire looked damaged as some areas were torn off or had claw marks on them, revealing her pink skin. There were no injuries since she had some healing potions with her so she was fine if not a little annoyed and tired. But Ruby still was a little concerned as she dried her tears again.

Ruby: to Amphi over the crow “I’ll talk to you later.” hangs up before Amphi could speak, releasing the crow phone, which flew out the opened door, and approached her wife with visible worry “Are you okay?”

Livia: Annoyed yet tired groan as she slammed the door “Just ducky. We recovered the shipment and with no casualties. A lot of injuries, but no casualties. There was quite a complication though.”

Ruby: to Oak “Oak, you and Vex get her some water.”

Livia let Vex go into his animate form as her staff vanished, him and soak heading to the kitchen as Ruby guiding jer wife to the sofa. The older triclops plopped down into it with a groan as she rubbed her temples to fight a headache. She got to explaining as Ruby sat down next to her.

Livia: “Everything was going fine. The lesser werewolf we had was an excellent tracker. Lead us right to the shipment and direwolf den. Unfortunately, that lesser werewolf was too good of a tracker for a lesser one. Turns out it was working for the direwolves… or rather, the direwolves were working for it. It was their alpha!” cover her face with her hands out frustration before removing them with frustration “Ugh! That lazy assistant! I told her to run a background check on the lesser werewolves we hire for tracking! Oh, she’s so lucky I didn’t fire her ass for this and for losing the shipment again in the first place!” sighs “It’s so hard to find a good assistant these days.”

Ruby kisses Livia on the cheek lovingly, making her wife smile a little as a faint lighter pink blush dusting her face a smidge. The crimson haired mother looked back to her scroll with a smile before that lowered to a frown as she recalled the argument they had earlier.

Ruby: “So about earlier-“

Livia: her smile drops instantly as she shuts her weary eyes to rest “Ruby, please. I don’t wanna talk about that right now.”

Ruby: holds up her scroll with mock-disappointment “Oh… Then I guess you don’t want to know what our daughter has accomplished earlier this evening.”

Livia: huffs “Probably succeeding in making a fool of herself further.” her third eye snaps open widely as she processed that, her tired mind perking up before she snatched Ruby’s scroll “Gimmethat!”

As Livia lividly scrolled through pensta with some difficulty as she had no idea how it works but was too prideful to admit it, Ruby couldn’t help but smile smugly as the anger glare in her wife now open eyes cool into one of baffle. She kept scrolling and played some of the short clips as her wife waited in silence.

Ruby saw her palisman balance a glass of water on his head as Vex followed behind. Ruby took it and thanked them both with chin scratches, being sure to really get into Vex’s interlock. Finally, Livia lowered the scroll, ignoring the last video as her face was blank with stunned bewilderment.

Livia: “Huh.”

Girls Night Out! - Chapter 35 - autistic_gamer2 (2024)
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