Approaching the Infinite [Multiversal Techploitation Planquest] Sci-Fi - Alt. History - Historic (2024)

July 4, 2024
9:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time [PDT]

Despite the sun rising high outside, the room you reside in remains dim, musty and shrouded. In the corner, a tiny blob of gray liquid floats suspended in a stabilization chamber, lying right next to an empty energy drink can and a pair of socks you haven't gotten around to cleaning. Clacking away at the keyboard, you finish up some last minute adjustments on the one project you've been slaving away at for almost half a decade. Once you enter the command to turn your little program on, nothing will ever be the same. Anywhere.

In the events that transpire from this day, you, one Theodore "Ted" Sung, will go on to become one of this most important people on the planet, whether it be for good or for ill. Your name will be etched within the annals of scientific history, put shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Newton, Einstein and Hawking. Hell, you might be even better than they could have ever hoped to be; after all, none of them were able to put their ideas into full practice.

Or you could bungle everything and end up on the receiving end of an FBI agent's sniper rifle. Really, it could go either way.

After your creepy uncle died from the 'rona just a little over four years ago, he left you $70,000 in his will. He also left you a most unusual heirloom: 1 gram of a previously unknown non-baryonic substance, with no indication as to its origin. In an instant, you knew to make this possession your most treasured secret from the rest of the world.

Ever since then, you've sequestered yourself in your downtown LA apartment, working on the one thing that could change the future of everything: a quantum physics theory that not only suggests that an infinite multiverse with infinite variability exists, but can be fully accessed through converting microscopic amounts of the "mystery goo". You don't really have a formal name for it, and quite frankly you don't think it needs one. At least, not right now.

The strange thing is the mystery goo can only be primed using existing fictional works. In the beginning, only worlds with an extremely close resemblance to the "real world" will be readily accessible, limiting you to alternate history timelines you happen to find on, Sufficient Velocity or elsewhere on the internet.

You've been able to successfully prime three of these works, along with an experimental fourth option that will consume just a few dozen extra nanograms of mystery goo in order to access. Besides this one exception, the current date in the other internet's world will also be July 4, 2024.

[] [Starting World / TL-2] Player Two Start

The main focus of this timeline is on video games, although butterflies in many other areas have also occurred. Nintendo and Sony's 1991 partnership in making a CD addon for the SNES has resulted in a drastic alteration of the console gaming landscape in comparison to TL-0, along with a generally positive change in the geopolitical arena. Hell, when the fictional timeline ended US president JFK Jr. was leading an international coalition against Pakistan... you aren't sure anyone who knew about the sour sh*t the Pakistani government was up to both OTL and ITTL would be against that.

-Media Examples: Super Mario World 2 (1993), Fox's Super Bowl XXXI broadcast (1998), Johnny the Homicidal Maniac on Adult Swim (2001), Al Gore's second inaugural address (2005)

[] [Starting World / TL-2] OTL -20 years

If you end up going with this option, then it might be a better idea to do something along the lines of "tell people about what might happen in the next two decades and see what happens" instead of anything else. But who knows, you might be able to stumble across some website lost to TL-0 or something like that.

-Media Examples: Recovery of lost websites, Flash animations, etc.

[] [Starting World / TL-2] 2020: Shots Fired

A world of conflict and chaos. Just reading the words written on the fictional version of the timeline send chills down your spine. Despite a somewhat higher quality of entertainment balancing off TTL's nasty political landscape somewhat, this is still a very dangerous timeline full of terrorism and radical politics. Perhaps this should be put aside for when you have more resources at your disposal?

-Media Examples: Footage from the Battle of Richmond (2020), Media coverage of the events following President Andrew Cuomo's suicide attempt (2021), Season 3 of the Owl House (2022), Among Us 2 (2024)

[] [Starting World] The World Wars

By far the most divergent of the four timelines, and also the most mysterious. Diverging from TL-0 in 1911, with an escalated Agadir crisis resulting in an alt-WWI, this timeline has experienced no less than five world wars by the year 2024, with a sixth looming just on the horizon. Of note is World War V, a nuclear conflict which didn't throw the planet back into the Stone Age like most expected but "merely" killed two billion people as a result of the warheads and the subsequent nuclear winter.

A version of the internet definitely exists ITTL, but chances are that differing connection standards will make communications quite difficult.

-Media Examples: ???

- - -

For the time being, there are two components to your communications apparatus - well, three if you found the mystery goo suspension device. There's the Parachronic Internet Communicator (or PIC for short), which is the main device linking your computer with the rest of the multiverse. The PIC Interface Program (abbreviated PIP) is the software to the PIC's hardware, allowing your Lunix computer to interpret the data that the PIC sends in a human readable manner. Data transfer rates will average at about 5 megabytes per minute, going both ways.

Your plans, at least during this embryonic point in your career, is simple: connect to the world you determined above with your PIC, download some media from said world onto your computer, and try to pass it off as "AI generated" while profiting off of it the best you can. After all, the money your inherited from your crazy uncle wasn't enough to cover all the costs, and there's still standard living expenses that you need to consider.

But for now, your immediate focus should be on creating a fresh series of social media accounts in OTL, or TL-0 as you like to call it.

(Choose any number of options)

[] [Social Media] YouTube
[] [Social Media] Twitch
[] [Social Media] Reddit
[] [Social Media] WordPress
[] [Social Media] The Website Formerly Known as Twitter
[] [Social Media] Tumblr
[] [Social Media] Facebook
[] [Social Media] 4chan

- - -

A/N: Here are the links to the three timelines I mentioned:

-Player Two Start

-2020: Shots Fired / And Our Flag Was Not There[1]

-The World Wars / Part I: The Late Terrestrial Era

[1] The second link hasn't happened yet if selected, and for the most part only represents a potential future for the TL.

Approaching the Infinite [Multiversal Techploitation Planquest] Sci-Fi - Alt. History - Historic (2024)
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