Alex Cross Must Die: (Alex Cross 31) The latest novel in the thrilling Sunday • EUR 18,52 (2024)

Vendeur: yourglobalmall ✉️ (39.126) 97.1%, Lieu où se trouve: Hillsdale, NSW, AU, Lieu de livraison: AU et de nombreux autres pays, Numéro de l'objet: 116185506913 Alex Cross Must Die: (Alex Cross 31) The latest novel in the thrilling Sunday. In the thirty-first instalment in James Patterson's globally bestselling Alex Cross series, Cross must investigate two different killers at the same time. The thirty-first instalment in James Patterson's globally bestselling series. When an American Airlines plane explodes in the sky, detectives Alex Cross and John Sampson are first on the scene. They don't hear the gunfire. At first. It soon becomes clear that the plane was taken down by a rare, stolen machine gun. The list of people who could operate the weapon is short. And time runs even shorter. But this isn't the only case the pair must solve. They're also tracking a serial killer who's ambushing young men in what the media are calling the 'Dead Hours' murders. With two killers and two different motives, Cross and Sampson are in a deadly race against time . . . PRAISE FOR THE ALEX CROSS SERIES 'Patterson never, and I mean never, disappoints' USA Today 'Behind all the noise and the numbers, we shouldn't forget that no one gets this big without amazing natural storytelling talent - which is what Jim has, in spades. The Alex Cross series proves it' Lee Child 'Alex Cross is a legend' Harlan Coben 'Alex Cross ... only gets better and better' Lisa Scottoline 'I wrote, \"Along Came a Spider is the best thriller I've come across in many a year. It deserves to be this season's no. 1 bestseller and should instantly make James Patterson a household name.\" A household name, indeed' Nelson DeMille ' Alex Cross has become one of the greatest fictional detectives of all time, a character for the ages' Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

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  • Author: Patterson, James
  • Book Title: Alex Cross Must Die: (Alex Cross 31) The latest no
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  • Alex Cross Must Die: (Alex Cross 31) The latest novel in the thrilling Sunday • EUR 18,52 (2024)


    What is Alex Cross must die about? ›

    Description. “One of the greatest fictional detectives of all time” (Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child) is in the sights of the Dead Hours Killer, a serial murderer on a ruthless mission. An airport killer targeting pilots expands his scope.

    Is there a book 31 in the Alex Cross series? ›

    Now, the 31st book in the series – “Cross Down” – has been read, and it requires a serious warning for readers.

    Is Cross Out and Alex Cross must die the same book? ›

    Alex Cross Must Die (also titled Cross Out) is the thirty-second book in the Alex Cross series by American author, James Patterson.

    In which book does Alex Cross marry Bree? ›

    Alex marries Bree in Cross Fire and is finally at peace with her. He has had three major love interests throughout the series, Maria Cross (his deceased wife), Christine Johnson (his ex-girlfriend, whom he'd been engaged to), and Bree (his current wife).

    Does Picasso die in Alex Cross? ›

    Cross and Picasso fight in the rafters of a church, where Picasso falls to his death, but not before telling Cross that he made him who he is today.

    Is Alex Cross Based on a true story? ›

    The Alex Cross film series is an American film series of three thriller films, based on the fictional character Alex Cross, who originally appeared in a series of novels of the same name by James Patterson.

    Is there going to be an Alex Cross TV series? ›

    Amazon Prime Video's upcoming series based on James Patterson's Alex Cross novels is being renewed for Season 2, Variety has learned from sources.

    Have any Alex Cross books been made into movies? ›

    Alex Cross : Film Series
    • Kiss the Girls. 19971h 55mR. 6.6 (82K) Rate. 46Metascore. Police hunting for a serial kidnapper are helped when a victim manages to escape for the first time. ...
    • Along Came a Spider. 20011h 44mR. 6.4 (96K) Rate. 42Metascore. ...
    • Alex Cross. 20121h 41mPG-13. 5.2 (35K) Rate. 30Metascore.

    Is there an Alex Cross movie? ›

    A homicide detective is pushed to the brink of his moral and physical limits as he tangles with a ferociously skilled hired killer who specializes in torture and pain.

    Who does Alex Cross marry? ›

    Brianna Stone Cross is the wife of Alex Cross and was also a detective before being promoted. She first appeared in Double Cross, having started a relationship with Alex and falling in love with him. Bree is described as a tough Bureau detective and is put on the DCAK case, which she works with Alex and Sampson.

    What happened to Alex Cross' wife? ›

    Maria was revealed to be pregnant with their third child, during the events of Cross. When Alex came to pick up Maria from her work place, Maria was shot by an unknown sniper and died in Alex's arms. Her last words to Alex were that she loved him. It remains unknown if the shooter was aiming for Maria or Alex.

    What is the Alex Cross series on Netflix? ›

    Detective-psychologist Alex Cross faces off against a disturbing serial killer in this exciting action thriller based on a novel by James Patterson. Watch all you want. Tyler Perry plays the titular detective in this serial killer tale co-starring Edward Burns and Matthew Fox.

    How many children does Alex Cross have? ›

    Cross has three children, Damon and Janelle from his first marriage and Ali (Alex Jr) from another long-term relationship. He is now married to Brianna (Bree) Stone, the rising star detective at the MPD.

    What happens to Ava in Alex Cross books? ›

    Ava is sent to a housing home for orphans again sometime during the events of Alex Cross, Run, for doing drugs. At the end of the novel, she is burned alive by one of Alex's newest nemesis. Alex's deceased wife, Maria, was once pregnant with his third child, before Ali came along, but died when Maria was killed.

    Who was Alex Cross' first wife? ›

    His first wife, Maria, a social worker, was killed in a drive-by shooting that was never solved. He was left with their two children; Damon and Janelle. Alex Cross has another son, Alex Jr. His mother, Christine Johnson, was a principal at the Sojourner Truth School.

    What is the plot of Alex Cross? ›

    What is target Alex Cross about? ›

    Description. When a ring of six elite assassins strikes D. C., Alex Cross teams up with the Secret Service and the FBI to take down a dangerous threat that could destroy America. A leader has fallen, and Alex Cross joins the procession of mourners from Capitol Hill to the White House.

    What is the story of Cross the line Alex Cross? ›

    Description. Homicide Detective Alex Cross teams up with his wife to beat a D. C. criminal at his own game. Washington, DC, has never been more dangerous. After shots pierce the tranquil nighttime calm of Rock Creek Park, a man is dead: what looks at first like road rage might be something much more sinister.

    Who killed Alex Cross wife? ›

    Maria's murderer was never caught, until the novel Cross, where it is revealed that a mob assassin named Jimmy Hats Galati, was responsible for killing Maria. John Sampson was the one to avenge Maria, to spare Alex from losing what was left of his soul.

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