10 Beginner Tips For Madden NFL 23 You Need To Know (2024)

This time around, it doesn't help much to have played previous Madden games to get a leg up on Madden NFL 23. For a game series stuck in stagnation for a long time, there have finally been some new updates that shake up the core features of the game.

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Most of these features actually make game modes more simple and easier to understand, perfect for beginners to the franchise. Even so, there are some tips for Madden NFL 23 that both experts and amateurs can utilize to get the maximum amount of entertainment from the game.

10 Play Don't Spend A Cent On Madden Ultimate Team

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This is not a command to avoid Madden Ultimate Team, though it can feel that way. This mode, abbreviated to MUT in the community, demands players fork over hundreds of dollars every week to be somewhat competitive with other players. Want the best safety around? Better have a cool thousand bucks ready to go. And, by the way, that card will be very outdated by the end of the year, so get ready to pay it again later.

There are plenty of single-player challenges and lower-ranked players will still be placed in a tournament that suits their abilities. But be warned that many trolls intentionally tank their rating to win these tournaments. Don't spend money until making it on the pro circuit.

9 Create Five Different Careers

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Although it's not well advertised, those who play Face of the Franchise can do so in five different ways without having to start all over. There are five positions available: Quarterback, wide receiver, halfback, linebacker, and cornerback.

Go ahead and play them all! There is no need to constantly be deleting characters to make room for a new career. Being the best linebacker and the best cornerback at the same time is possible and encouraged.

8 The Yard Is Not Limited By Face Of The Franchise

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In the past, those who wanted to play the arcade-style The Yard mode needed to craft a career that matched the abilities they wanted in the yard. There is a link between the two in that The Yard gets experiences based on Face of the Franchise.

Getting great at Face of the Franchise will indeed benefit the player in The Yard, but the two characters can be built completely differently. Change the size, invest in different skills, the two systems complement each other nicely.

7 Use A Favorite Team In Franchise Mode

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Franchise mode is where players take control of a team and make loads of decisions on their behalf. In addition, gamers will get to play through the entire season with them. This is a time-consuming process and it can be tempting to grab an already established team for easy wins.

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But with nothing other than bragging rites at stake, wouldn't players prefer to win championships with their favorite teams? Players will come and go, but the team is constant. Be biased, that's what the mode is meant for.

6 Customize The Settings

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The default settings will work for most people. But is the game supposed to merely work? Or is it supposed to be fun? Certain aspects of Madden NFL 23 are great and others are terrible, many of these gameplay issues can be mitigated with some tinkering.

If gamers weren't supposed to mess with the settings, the game wouldn't let them. Period. The multiplayer settings are fixed, so it's not like making something easier or harder is cheating. By not getting these perfect, players only cheat themselves.

5 Use The Hit Stick

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When the hit stick was introduced, it was an immediate success. Over the hears, presumably because it was so effective, the game has made the hit stick harder to aim to the point of making it unwise. Typically just running the defensive players into the ball carrier was best.

Now, the hit stick appears to have been revitalized. Instead of just running into the offensive player, tap the right thumbstick in the direction of the offensive player for a brutal and effective hit that yields a high chance of making the player fumble the ball. It also can injure the player which is not something athletes should ever do in real life, but on the screen, hey, take out the opponent's starters for a significant advantage.

4 Mix Up Running And Passing

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Whether playing against the computer or another player, a mix of running and passing plays is the smart way to win. Before this year, gamers would get an elite running back with some beastly offensive linemen and just run all day.

Now, running and passing have been balanced out. By keeping the opponent guessing what kind of play it is, they'll never know what kind of defense to use.

3 Identify Zone And Man Defense

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Look for when defensive backs are lined up right over their counterparts on offense. If this happens, it's going to be man coverage. If the defense is spread out evenly, it's likely going to be zone defense. What can players do with this information?

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In man coverage, players will be open on slants and posts with the defender dragging behind. In zone, look for a spot in between the secondary areas and hit receivers at those moments. If there is too much coverage, audible to a run for huge chunks of yardage.

2 Switch To Coverage After The Ball Is Thrown

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The AI-controlled cornerbacks are slow and bad at catching. Any given receiver can leave a defensive player in the dust. To stop quarterbacks from raining down easy touchdowns, switch to the back the instant that the ball is thrown and hold onto that right trigger to sprint.

After getting in position, tap the top button (Y on Xbox, triangle on PlayStation) for a pick. Computers have bricks for hands but human players have a better likelihood of getting the pick.

1 Keep An Eye On Play Success

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Give every play about ten-plus attempts to account for mistakes and effectiveness against different types of plays. This goes for both offense and defense. After a while, patterns will emerge. On offense, some plays will average over eight yards while others are closer to zero.

After finding out the best plays for the team, go ahead and skip any "recommended" plays that don't work well. Even great teams have plays that just don't match the talents of the athletes.

Madden NFL 23 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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10 Beginner Tips For Madden NFL 23 You Need To Know (2024)
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