Our Services

RCA is specialized in biomass power and cogeneration, other renewable energy based power generation (solar, hydro, wind, biogas, MSW, etc.), energy efficiency and climate change related sector. Our service also includes designing renewable energy country programs and regional programs, bilateral donor funded programs, etc.

Since 1998, RCA has been actively involved in climate change related studies and carbon credit mechanisms including Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). We constantly support our clients even during difficult CER market situations through our innovative and cost conscious solutions.

Our expertise extends to the area of climate change mitigation and adaptation, renewable energy certification, PAT, sustainability reporting, GHG inventory and accounting, carbon foot printing, low carbon city, environmental impact assessment, etc.

In addition, our services include designing nation wide climate change programs for various countries requesting fund from international / bilateral donors and funding agencies like GEF.

Our services are mainly categorized into

Consulting and advisory
Project development
Climate change and sustainability
Training and capacity building

Key achievements

More than 250MWe of operating renewable energy based power plants with different
      technologies and plant sizes (less than 1 to over 40 MWe) from concept to full scale
      commercial operation
Reputed clients such as World Bank, UN Organizations, European Commission, European
      embassies and multi-national private sector companies
Vast experience around the globe with strong presence in South East Asia, SAARC and Africa
More than 50 CDM/PoA projects right from project inception to CER relization including
      preparation of project operations plan. Our achievement includes execution of several PoA
Assisted in successfully claiming around 1.1 million CERs issuance for our clients projects
Several nationwide climate change program designs
More than 10,000 stake holders including policy makers, banks / financial institutions,
      technical institutions, project developers, government departments, etc. are trained

Our full range of services

Our full range of service covers the following:

Technical advisory and consulting

Resource assessment studies
Feasibility studies
Technology assessment
Engineering and design
Equipment specification, bid preparation and bid evaluation
Bid negotiation and contracting
Project management during construction
Operation and maintenance
Performance monitoring
Power plant retrofitting / upgrading
Power plant valuation, due diligence for acquisition, shareholding, sales, etc.

Project development

Country level policy study and programme design
Complete range of service from project concept, development and implementation
Project management
Due diligence activities and risk assessment

Commercial and financing

Investment appraisals and financial modelling
Business plan / information memorandum for loan approval
Funds mobilization and assistance in financing
Due diligence activities on behalf of banks, investors, fund managers and other clients

CDM and climate change

PDD / PoA DD preparation
DOE validation, DNA approval and EB registration support
Monitoring and verification support
ERPA drafting, reviews and CER sales
Voluntary carbon markets (VCS, Gold Standard, etc.)
Program designing and proposal making for international funding

Business plan and market study

Project identifications
Market entry studies
Business plans
Research reports and reviews

Policy studies

Conduct renewable energy policy studies
Advise policy makers

Capacity building

Customised training programs as per client needs
Specialized training programs