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MSW Power Asia

Among Asian countries, Singapore has been following much advanced MSW management practices for more than three decades. Most of the MSW are disposed of in the incinerators which also produce considerable quantity of electricity (above 150 MW). In addition to that, the biodegradable wastes are used for biogas generation which in turn is used in gas engine for power generation. Other non-combustible inorganic wastes are being land filled. Singapore follows the concept of "reduce-reuse-recycle" and the Government is keen in creating


awareness among the public in this regard. In other Asian countries, MSW management started picking up only after 2000, especially after the development of CDM concept. Several CDM project developers were attracted with the MSW landfill sites in Asian cities that are in operation for more than 15 years.

These sites provide excellent opportunity to recover methane at low cost and the methane can be used to produce electricity using gas engine. Apart from this, most of the recent landfill sites are engineered properly to assist better landfill gas recovery and separation of leachate.

Incineration concept is slowly picking up in Asia. Thailand has installed an incineration plant with electricity generation facility in Phuket. In India, RDF fired power plants are in operation.

New concepts like segregating biodegradable wastes from MSW and producing biogas in anaerobic digestion are getting popular. Such biogas power plants are already in operation in Singapore, Thailand, India, etc.

Though considerable development has taken place in MSW management in Asian cities, still it is far from perfection. In the coming years, more development is likely to take place in this field in Asia. We have experience in developing MSW projects.

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