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Clean Development Mechanism

Since 1998, we have been actively involved in clean development mechanism and providing service to more than 50 CDM/PoA projects. Our clients include World Bank, UN Organization, European Embassies and various private sector companies with great success in project registration and CER realization. Our key experience in CDM/PoA includes the following:

We made very early entry into the CDM field since the evolvement of UNFCCC, CDM mechanism and started           working in very early projects under CDM scheme. We constantly supported our clients even during difficult          CER market situations by providing innovative and cost effective solutions.
We have involved in variety of projects with renewable energy projects and energy efficiency projects around        the globe
With our competence and experience, we have executed different Programme of Activities (PoA) projects in       the region.
According to varying CDM market situation, we have provided innovative solutions to our clients.

For more than 15 years, several organizations such as European Commission, UN organizations, World Bank, ADB, DANIDA, IGES etc. have promoted CDM through various projects and schemes. However, since 2012 CER price came down and several projects did not take off due to lower CER price. Few organizations like World Bank are still active in CDM, in order to meet their mandates.

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