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 Power Plant Retrofitting

In power plant retrofitting equipment is replaced or added to the existing power plants for improving its energy efficiency, increasing its output and reliability, extending its lifespan, decreasing its specific energy consumption and emissions. Principally retrofitting involves the addition of new technology or features to the older systems.

Retrofitting offers a great scope in power plants. It is applied in boiler, steam turbine, fuel supply system, flue gas system, pollution control equipment and auxiliary electrical equipment of the power plant. This is a suitable option where very old equipment and technologies are used in the power plants.

It optimises power plant performance and improves the efficiency by 10% to 15% with small investments towards low-cost retrofitting, use of energy-efficient devices and controls, etc. The quantum of saving is much higher, if high cost retrofitting measures are considered.

Generally, power plant optimisation reduces CO2 emission by around 5% and boiler and stream turbine retrofitting lowers the CO2 emission by around 8%.

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