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Multi Biomass Power

In Asia, rice husk, bagasse, wood waste and palm oil waste are the major biomass fuels. Other biomass fuels such as rice straw, cane trash, corn cob, cassava rhizome, coconut shellfibre, palm tree trunk, coffee husk, sunflower seed, sunflower husk, cotton waste, peanut shell, spent wheat grain, spent barley grain, tobacco waste, cashew shell, etc. are also used for power generation purpose. Often they are mixed with other biomass fuels.

Recently, the biomass fuel price in some parts of Asia has gone as high as USD 60/ton. Owing to the scarcity and cost of biomass fuel, most of the plants are designed for multi-fuel and unconventional fuels which are cheap. This tends to create several issues in combustion and boiler maintenance, thereby demanding improvised combustion technologies, modern fuel preparation, handling systems, etc.


Ultimate analysis and proximate analysis are important aspects which decide the biomass fuel application in the boiler. In some cases, ash analysis may also be required. In the last 15 years, several new approaches in the multi-fuel biomass power plant implementation and technology have been introduced. The potential for agro and wood based multi-fuel biomass power plants is very high and the market is attractive.

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