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Wood Waste Power

Renewable Cogen Asia has significant experience in the development of wood waste power plant and cogeneration plant projects in Asia and Africa with a cumulative capacity of over 40MWe .

Wood waste to power is a matured technology and several boiler suppliers have mastered this technology. Compared to rice husk power plant, the total power plant cost is lower for wood waste projects.

Though wood waste is a good biomass fuel, its availability and sustainability is limited in Asia. To ensure the sustainability of wood as boiler fuel, energy plantation is considered as an option in several places. However, we came across several sites in Africa, in which wood waste is dumped or burnt without any use. The ideal sites to implement power/cogeneration plants are large sawmills/plywood mills/furniture industries.

From the technological perspective, in the last 10 years, significant improvement had been witnessed particularly in turbines. Nowadays, even small size turbines with good efficiency are also available. Even demolished wood and tree-trimming are used as fuel now and there are two projects in Singapore using such wastes to produce power.

Though wood waste is easy to use in boilers, the type of wood waste (hard wood/softwood), percentage composition (bark, wood chips, saw dust, sander dust and stem) and other characteristics should be studied thoroughly in the feasibility study stage itself.

If the project replaces fuel oil, then they are very attractive for investments even in small capacities. Today, there are several green energy funds and the investors are looking for good projects to invest.

The most commonly used technology in Southeast Asia is travelling grate, reciprocating step grate and FBC system. However, in India, FBC system is widely used along with other technologies. The most common plant size ranges from 2 MW to 10 MW and some are even beyond 30 MW capacity.Rice husk and other biomass fuels are also mixed together with wood.


These days, ultra-modern power plants are being installed in Southeast Asia with lot of environmental protection measures, which are at par with power plants in developed countries. We have worked in several wood waste projects around the globe with sizes ranging from 1 MW to 36 MW. Refer our publication section for additional information on wood waste to power.

If careful and innovative project development, implementation and operation approaches are followed even from the initial stage, then, it is possible to reduce the overall project cost by around 20 to 30%, thereby, leading to considerable increase in IRR.

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