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Biomass Project Development

Biomass project development is more of an art than science. Generally, the risks are higher when compared to that of fossil fuel power plant. However, these risks can be minimized and managed effectively with proper development.

For certain site conditions, a few days of expert study is enough to conclude whether the site has enough potential to implement the biomass project or not. In some cases, where the investment options are attractive, a feasibility study can be conducted straight away, whereas in complex cases for which the feasibility is doubtful, a pre-feasibility study should be conducted.

Once the project is viable and convincing, a special purpose company can be set up to manage the project development and to operate the project. Discussions with potential investors can be initiated. Equity investors can be finalised. Tender documents can be prepared and tenders can be launched.

Once equipment supplier is selected and the key contracts are decided, financial closure can be achieved, which is a major milestone. Construction and operation of the plant can be managed by the special purpose company.

Biomass project development can also be made in several other innovative ways, which mainly depends on project condition, investment, investor, project participants, country, etc. The following aspects should be taken care of during project development:


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