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 Rice Husk Ash

Rice husk ash is mainly used in the steel industry as an insulator in the manufacture of high quality steel forgings. This allows forged steel to cool down gradually. The price of rice husk ash is quite high at the steel plant gate level (as high as 400 USD/ton), as high quality ash is required for this purpose. The density, unburnt carbon content of ash and moisture content should be as low as possible. A few companies play a major role in this business.

Apart from the above, rice husk ash is also used in cement industries as a substitute to portland cement. Research work is also going on regarding using rice husk ash for silica chip manufacture as the silica content of the ash is very high.

Only a few boiler suppliers around the world have mastered the technology of producing high quality ash in their boilers. We have worked with several rice mills exporting rice husk ash to Europe and Korea.

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